The purpose of the Instructor Programs is to prepare students to become licensed as qualified teachers in the field of Cosmetology and Barbering.
The Instructor Program I at The Hair Academy is a 650-hour program devoted to preparing organizing and presenting coursework to under classmates in a supervised lab and classroom atmosphere.
The student will receive training in:
  • teaching methods
  • organizing and developing course outlines
  • preparing lesson plans
  • evaluation techniques
  • keeping accurate records
  • basic law for the beauty industry
  • beauty school management
  • learn about personality types and handling situations that may arise
  • dealing with students and patrons in a professional manner
Instructor Program I Curriculum            650 hours
Orientation 2
Alabama Law & Regulation        28
Theory 100
Practical 100
Clinical Floor Work                        140
Teaching Skills                               150
Preparing Student Records          130
Testing & Evaluation              100
Total Hours 650

The Instructor Program II is a 1500 hour program designed to give the student more in-depth training in theory and practice in the skills required for the Cosmetology and Barbering Programs.  Both Instructor Programs are devoted to preparing the student to become a licensed and qualified instructor.
Instructor Program II Curriculum           1500 hours
Orientation 80
Alabama Law & Regulation        120
Theory 360
Practical 360
Clinical Floor Work                        240
Teaching Skills                               150
Preparing Student Records          180
Testing & Evaluation                            60
Total Hours 1500